4×4 Camper Trip through Sweden and Norway – A Photographers Journey

In June 2017 me, my girlfriend and our dog went on a roadtrip through Scandinavia. Our ride is our home for the next 4,5 weeks. The Plan: Drive from Germany, over Denmark to Sweden, up to Lapland, Northern Norway and all the way back to Oslo and Germany, through the mountains and fjords. Some thousands of kilometeres and a sun that … Read More

How to photograph the Milky Way

Amazing isn’t it? In this blogpost and video I am going to tell you how to create those amazing images. All you need are the three steps below. The right timing is crucial. The Milky Way is alway there above our head, but you can not see it all the time in the same way. The moon and the seasons … Read More

5 Great Photography DIY Hacks

The main thing you need for this DIY is a Tupperware cake holder. You just cut out a hole for the flash into the top part and cut the reflector from the other part of the cake holder. Sand it thoroughly and paint the inside of the top part white. Drill a hole into the reflector, cut the wire into … Read More

Cinema film look in 90 seconds

Do you want to make your videos look more epic? Follow these 3 easy steps to get a cinema film look in just 90 seconds!   STEP 1: Movements Make your camera move – but without too much shaking. You can use a handheld gimble, a glidecam or just a book! Watch the video to see how to do that. … Read More