Jaworskyj Around The World – Germany

#jaworskyj Around The World - Germany

Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj seeks for the most beautiful Landscapes of Germany

This Autumn Landscape Pro Benjamin Jaworskyj traveled all through Germany - from the Coast up North till the Mountains down South. Amongst amazing Photographs he and his Team filmed a 50 Minute Photography Documentary about his work and the most spectacular Landscapes of Germany .


The Route

Benjamin Jaworskyj takes you on a Journey all across Germany. Here you have a List of all the Spots visited.

  • Chalk Cliffs (Kreidefelsen) of Rügen
  • Bastei in Saxon Switzerland
  • Eltz Castle in Rheinland Pfalz
  • Triberger Waterfalls in Black Forest
  • Hintersee at Berchtesgaden/Bavaria
  • Eibsee in Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Bavaria
  • Zugspitze

It's a distance of about 2300 Kilometers to do the Trip yourself. But it's worth it:)

The Team

Of Course such a Project is Teamwork!  (f.l.t.r.):

  • Miles (Making Of & Assistance)
  • Oliver (Aerial Filming at Rügen)
  • Melanie (Making of Editing)
  • Javier (1. Camera)
  • Ben
  • Olaf (one of our Couchsurfing Hosts during the filming)
  • Timothy (2. Camera)
#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj
#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj

Hintersee, Berchtesgaden

#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj

Burg Eltz

Making Of #jaworskyj Around The World - Germany -

In six Making of Episodes you can take a look Behind the Scenes. (GERMAN ONLY). Getting up early, drive long distances and bad weather. - It was a tough week, but it was worth it!  

Making Of 1: Sächsische Schweiz

Making Of 2: Rügen

Making Of 3: Burg Eltz

Making Of 4: Triberg

Making Of 5: Zugspitze

Making Of 6: Berchtesgaden

#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj

Triberger Wasserfälle

#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj


#jaworskyj Around The World Cinema Tour

The new Episode of #jaworskyj Around The World – Germany was shown exclusivly in 5 german Cinemas.

At the #jaworskyj Around the World Cinema Tour we screened the 50 Minute Episode, before Youtube release on the big screen with some phat sound! The Clue: All of the Cinemas where right next to the original filming places. 

At each stop Director and Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj gave a speech about the project and his work and answered questions by the Crowd.

All Cinemas were sold out and it was an amazing event and experience to not only see this stunning photography documentary on youtube, but as well on a giant cinema screen!

  • 27.11. Rügen

    Cliff Hotel Rügen, Cliff am Meer 1
, 18586 Ostseebad Sellin

  • 28.11. Dresden

    UCI KINOWELT Elbe Park in Dresden, Lommatzscher Str. 82, 01139 Dresden

  • 29.11. Neuwied

    Kino Neuwied Metropol, Heddesdorfer Str. 2, 56564 Neuwied (Rheinland-Pfalz)

  • 30.11. Triberg

    Kronenlichtspiele Triberg im Schwarzwald, Schulstraße 37a, 78098 Triberg (Schwarzwald)

  • 02.12. München

    Rio Filmpalast München, Rosenheimer Str. 46, 81669 München


#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj

Bastei, Sächsische Schweiz, bei Vollmond

#jaworskyj Around the World Benjamin Jaworskyj


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