25 Lightroom Presets for Instagram


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  • Sort: #jaworskyj Lightroom + Camera Raw Presets for Instagram
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  • Amount: 25 #jaworskyj Presets for Lightroom + Camera Raw
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  • Made by Benjamin Jaworskyj
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Jaworskyj Lightroom Presets for Instagram

Edit photos fast and simple with 1 click

Do you want to to get the typical trendy moody looks that you see everywhere on Instagram on your photos? You'll be amazed how easy it is. You only need an image editor like Lightroom or Photoshop and these presets that were created by adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj.

Warm Summer Mood Preset

Moody Dark Preset

What are Lightroom Presets?

Presets are saved edits of images you can either create yourself or download and use in Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw. Whenever you want to quickly and easily put a certain image look on a photo, comparable to a filter on a smartphone, Lightroom presets do the perfect job. With one click, you can modify or enhance the effect of a picture. That way you can edit a lot of pictures fast and simple and give them your own creative touch.

In this Lightroom Preset package made for Instagram, adventure photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj has compiled 25 trendy Instagram looks that he created. The presets are perfect for travel, landscapes and lifestyle shots.

In this short video Ben explains how the Lightroom Presets work and how you can apply them easily to your images

Use it for travel and landscape photos


Dark Knight Preset


Senja Preset

25 #jaworskyj Lightroom Presets for Instagram

  • #jaworskyj Landscape HQ DARK SKY_BLUE
  • #jaworskyj Landscape HQ DARK SKY
  • #jaworskyj Landscape HQ
  • Azores
  • BW Contrast 1
  • BW Contrast
  • Castle
  • Colourful Landscape
  • Dark Knight
  • Lifestyle 1
  • Lifestyle 2
  • Lifestyle 3
  • Moody Blue
  • Moody Dark
  • Moody Desat
  • Norway
  • Orange Teal
  • Senja
  • Special Blue Desat
  • Special Vacation
  • Special_Sunshine White Sky Sunset
  • Summer
  • Tealy Inside
  • Warm Summer Mood

Tealy Inside Preset


Warm Summer Mood Preset


BW Contrast 1 Preset

Dark Knight Preset

Get the modern Instagram looks fast and easy

The #jaworskyj Instagram Lightroom Presets are perfect to optimize your photos with just 1 click

If you are interested in the basics of Lightroom, then the full "Easy Learn Lightroom" download course is great for you. It covers all the essentials of Adobe Lightroom from import to development to export. You can get the course here.

Use it for lifestyle images


Lifestyle 1 Preset


Lifestyle 3 Preset


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