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Learn Filmmaking Video Course

You are already taking photos but want to start with filmmaking? Then this download video course is made for you!

I am photographing for over 10 years now and have been making videos for around 8 years. Escpecially in the last 5 years I am really into filmmaking and made over 1000 videos for the radio station I worked for and of course for my own Youtube channels.
Most people know me from standing in front of a camera, but I’m also very active behind the camera – either as a producer, camera man or director. I want to share my knowledge with you, which I acquired over the last years.

The good news is: The equipment gets easier and more affordable year by year. You don’t need a special camera for this course. Only a normal DSLR or DSLM with a video mode. Tripod and changable lenses would be good, but are not a must. I show you how we film, as well as some low budget solutions.

Einfach Filmen Lernen Videokurs Benjamin Jaworskyj

Snippets from the “Learn Filmmaking” video course


Equipment: Overview

Equipment: Settings


B-Roll: Introduction

B-Roll: Beauty Shots

B-Roll: Movement

Gimbal Setup

Interview: Light

Interview: Sound

Interview: How to do it

Learn Filmmaking Video Course Benjamin Jaworskyj

What kind of equipment do you need?

Learn Filmmaking Video Course Benjamin Jaworskyj

How do I take B-Roll shots?

Filmmaking isn’t hard

The course is build in a way that you get a proper basic knowledge about all the terms and things you need to understand before you start filming.
I show you how to focus manually and choose the right settings in your camera, like FPS, resolution and shutter.

After that we go out into the nature to film so called B-Roll material. We’re making standing shots as well as moving shots to make the footage even greater. I show you my favorite way of using a gimbal, as well as low budget tricks.
In the last chapters we set up an interview situation, where I explain everything from light to sound to the actual process of filming.

Learn Filmmaking Video Course Benjamin Jaworskyj

What settings should I use?

Learn Filmmaking Video Course Benjamin Jaworskyj

How can I stabilize my shots?

Learn Filmmaking Video Course Benjamin Jaworskyj

How do I set the light for interview situations?

Learn Filmmaking Video Course Benjamin Jaworskyj

How do I get the sound right during interviews?

After completing this course you have all the theoretical skills to go out and shoot a video, but of course you need to practice a lot yourself. Filmmaking is almost like photographing, but also very different.
I recommend to check out my other course Learn Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC . I show you how to cut the material we filmed in this course to a video and how to make a travel video on music as well. Both courses are available as a package to save some bucks!

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